Manna Ministries

  • A non-profit ministry of New Song Bible Fellowship Church that gives grocery relief to anyone who likes to eat by providing nutritious, delicious fresh and frozen food items at a low cost of $30.00. Also offered every month are “Meat Specials” for an additional cost of $18.00 – $20.00.
  • There are no applications to fill out or income requirements to adhere to. Just place your order for as many units and specials that you would like, and then turn in your order with your payment.
  • Each month a different menu (also called units) will be provided to you in print via email or on the New Song Bible Fellowship website. Each regular Unit has an estimated retail value of $60.00 – $70.00.
  • Orders are collected in the month prior to the distribution month. Example: Orders collected during the month of December are for distribution in January.
  • Acceptable forms of payment are cash or money orders made payable to New Song Bible Fellowship Church, EBT cards, or Order Online Today.
  • The food will be available for pick up at New Song Bible Fellowship Church on the second or third Saturday of the month–bring a medium sized box with you to transport your groceries.

All of the food items from Manna Ministries are delicious–please consider placing an order so you can be blessed or be a blessing.