NSBFC Shepherding Ministries

Committed to making disciples who gather regularly to receive instruction from God’s Word and to build loving relationships with God’s people through mutual encouragement and accountability . . .


Men’s Ministry

To bring cohesiveness and unity to the male members of the New Song Bible Fellowship family by way of fellowships, seminars, workshops, etc.  The objective is for every man to be brought to a level of maturity in Christ and to transform their minds with the hope of producing faithful male followers of Jesus Christ.

Women’s Ministry

To assist the women in building meaningful relationships: Provide an atmosphere of fellowship around God’s Word: To promote evangelistic and outreach opportunities for women to share their faith.

Married Couple’s Ministry

Primary goal is to strengthen married couples by setting an atmosphere for them to sharpen each other through accountability, workshops, seminars, conferences, and bible studies.

Bereavement Ministry

A ministry designed to help the Pastor with organizing the development of a funeral service.  Duties include working with the family on issues such as obituaries, program format, and any other specific information that needs to be gathered about the deceased.

Encouragement Ministry

Building up the body through recognition of birthdays, anniversaries, bereavement, and sickness.  Communication is done by way of phone calls, cards or flowers.


The Hospitality/Kitchen Ministry is designed to create an atmosphere where both members and guests feel loved and accepted in our church. They prepare food that is nutritious, appetizing, and serve it with love and kindness.

Shepherding/Care Groups Ministry

New Song Bible Fellowship Church would like each family to have a point of contact. Each group assists the Pastor in the care of the interpersonal, physical, and spiritual needs of members. Furthermore, to make sure each family is cared for, strengthened, and encouraged through monthly fellowships.